All goods stored in Suvet Depo are kept on euro pallets. Therefore, the basic unit of price calculation is the quantity of used unit pallets. Unit pallet means a standard euro pallet, size: 120cm x 80cm.

Storing one unit pallet costs HUF 1.990 + VAT / month, two weeks fee 1.350 HUF  + VAT.
All materials (pallets, foil) necessary for storage are provided by Suvet Depo.
Pallets can be packed with stored properties until different safe height (in case of furniture approximately 2 m).
Maximum loading capacity is 600 kg per pallet.

(Discounts can be added up, but can only be enforced if due invoices are settled in time!)

Based on the quantity of stored goods:
– over 20 nm: 4% discount
(for the total quantity of stored goods)

Based on the storing period:
– from the 4th month 4% discount.

Pre-payment of storage fee for at least a half-year-long period:
– 10% discount.

Further fees:

(1) Two-weeks fee
You can store your properties at Suvet Depo for a period shorter than a month: for a storage period lasting no longer than two weeks our standard charge is HUF 1.350 + VAT/ month per pallet. Quantity discount is not available in this case.

(2) Breaking up fee
During your storing at Suvet Depo you can break up and reorganize your stored property any time you like. Please note, that pallets can be disunited in the presence of our colleagues only. Breaking up fee: in the first hour HUF 3.200+VAT. From the second hours on HUF 1.600 +VAT/hour
If properties stored at Suvet Depo are moved in or out in several parts we only charge breaking up fee, if moving includes the up breaking of foiled pallets. Otherwise, moving in parts does not have extra charges.

(3) Moving in and out over the working hours fee
Suvet Depo is open between 7 and 16 on weekdays. Upon request goods receipt and delivery also possible over the working hours.
Availability fee for services provided over the working hours charged HUF 10. 000+VAT /occasion.
Price change: any change concerning charges is publicized in our offices and on our website at least 15 days prior to the realization of the change.

The present prices are valid until cancellation.